“When the music changes, so does the dance.”

AFRIKA @ WORK is a radio show (WRTC-HARTFORD, 89.3) dedicated to showcasing music from Africa and its worldwide diaspora. AFRIKA @ WORK airs every other MONDAY, 9-10:30pm.  This radio show was conceived and designed as a praxis component to courses taught by Assistant Professor Seth Markle at Trinity College.


Afrika@Work is back for Spring Semester 2013 (January to May). This semester the show will be returning to its usual featured playlists of music from all over the Africana world, but with a special addition. Students enrolled in the course INTS 238 Contemporary Africa: Resource Wars and Human Rights,’ will be co-hosting throughout the semester with special reports, discussions, interviews, call-ins and much more all related to human rights and current events in Africa.

Course Description:

Human civilizations and communities have been shaped by the ability and desire to gain access to critical resources for survival. Economic globalization has created competition for resources—ranging from oil to diamonds to water—that has influenced social and political structures in the contemporary world. This course looks at the impact of modern globalization on the continent of Africa. Situating Africa historically in its relationship to “the West”, beginning with European colonialism, we will explore the consequences of Africa’s unequal role in this system. We will be investigating the links between civil conflict, resource control, social justice, poverty, and international movements that attempt to address these issues.

Meet the Host:

DJ Pemba

Seth Markle is an Assistant Professor of History and International Studies at Trinity College.  He teaches courses on African history, culture, film, music and politics.

Past Hosts:


DJ R.S. Rochester born and bred, Brooklyn and Hartford are the stomping grounds for DJ RS a former student of Roberts-Weslyan College outside Rochecster, NY. Since he was kid growing up in the African American musical-religious tradition, DJ R.S. developed a love for music and radio broadcasting, sound engineering, beat-making, video production, and studio recording.

McKenzie McKenzie is a senior majoring in International Studies who just returned from a year studying abroad in Brazil.   As an active member of the Temple of Hip Hop chapter at Trinity since 2009, Mckenzie has helped organize the International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College, which is entering its 8th year.  In addition to serving as the student mentor/teaching assistant for “Intro. to Hip Hop Studies”, she is also writing her senior thesis on the history of the International Hip Hop Festival.

Shoki Mapokgole was a co-host/dj for Africa @ Work’s during the summer of 2012.  She  is a junior at Trinity College (Class of 2015) majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Africa. Currently, Shoki is studying abroad in Tanzania, East Africa.

Jesse Allen was a co-host/dj for Afrika @ Work’s first year of broadcasting.  He graduated from Trinity College in May 2012 with a degree in Sociology, writing his senior thesis on the graffiti culture and urban space in Cape Town, South Africa.  Currently Jesse is enrolled in a master’s program at the City University of New York (CUNY), focusing on urban sociology.

Alyssa Baylor was co-host/dj for Afrika @ Work’s first year of broadcasting (2011-12).  She graduated from Trinity College in May 2012 with a degree in International Studies, completing her senior thesis on community radio in Cape Town, South Africa.  Currently, Alyssa is teaching middle school youth in NYC public schools under the auspices of Teach for America.